06 Agosto, 2012


Assists in lightening the skin,protecting it,and keeping it moisturized trough its natural antiseptic and natural ingredients.

Clarifying Cream...

05 Agosto, 2012


A deep penetrating and soothing cream that breaks down fats and inhibits its formation resulting in improved skin firmness,elasticity, and vitality while promoting skin moisturization and defending aganist oxidative stress.

Contains a high-purity blend of natural oils, vitamins , and minerals as well anti-oxidants and moisturizers that are easily absorbed by the skin to keep it nourished while promoting relaxation and well-being.

04 Agosto, 2012


Guaranteed to effectively whiten teeth without stripping its natural enamel. it also freshens the breath and removes coffee,tea,soda,and cigarette stains,while its natural medicinal properties keep the gums healthy and help cure sore throat,mouth ulcers,and other oral problems including tooth hypersensitivity.
FDA NN:128613

A powerful hand and body lotion  that contains a combination of highly effective natural skin whiteners, deep penetrating botanical moisturizers anti-oxidant scavengers, and natural sunscreen agents that repairs, strengthen, soothe , protect, nourish , rejuvenate , and lighten the skin.

31 Hulyo, 2012

About us:

TrueWhite is a line of "Natural Home Care , Personal Care , and Skin Care" product that are formulated to help enhance not only your well-being, but that of the world around you as well.

Carefully crafted using only the best active ingredients that nature has to offer,each product carrying the TrueWhite logo has independently and scientifically proven to be 100% safe and effective.

A&M Trading is the company behind the TrueWhite brand and product line
A brainchild of the same mind that created Private Option,Inc.-a prominent direct-selling company throuhout the 90's for marketing high-quality home care,personal care,and skin care products; A&M trading's thrust is to provide their modernized,high-quality product line to Filipinos and the world through direct-selling and retail.

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